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Are you looking for a new direction? Do you enjoy travel to gain a new perspective?
The Art of Travelling is a guided tour into the heart and soul of a place, where you discover the essence of the people and the land, while expanding your own sense of self and what is possible when you return home.

This visit to your destination also takes you on a journey through new lifestyles and it is a great chance to experience your own life journey.

Creating a new way of travelling, you create a new way of being
The ART OF TRAVELLING is an invitation to ask yourself who you are, what is most important to you, and how that shapes your work. Become the protagonist in your own learning process. Become more emotionally agile, build relational competencies in a new cultural context, be playful and adventurous and integrate what you learn back home.

We introduce topics like innovation, intuition, ambiguity, uncertainty to explore the ways we travel through life. Our meetings with the group open dialogue about a wide range of subjects, fostering cultural, economic and social understanding.

We establish relationships with the local people, the group and the environment and explore what it means to belong and how it affects the decisions we make in our ordinary lives.
Our activities are dynamic, exploring what is happens when you interact with the land and sea, listen to yourself and others, and integrate the experiences that touch your heart and transform you.

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Tiempo: 10 weeks

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30,00 €
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