Experience the Flavour of La Tierruca

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Are you looking for a new direction? Do you enjoy travel to gain a new perspective?
The Art of Travelling is a guided tour into the heart and soul of a place, where you discover the essence of the people and the land, while expanding your own sense of self and what is possible when you return home.

This visit to La Tierruca, the heart of the Cantabria region of Spain takes you on a journey through ancestral lands dating from 195 B.C. to life on the sea to the lifestyle of everyday Santanderinos. It is a chance to experience your own life journey as art.

Creating a new way of travelling, you create a new way of being
The Flavour of La Tierruca, is an invitation to ask yourself who you are, what is most important to you, and how that shapes your work. Become the protagonist in your own learning process. Become more emotionally agile, build relational competencies in a new cultural context, be playful and adventurous and integrate what you learn back home.

We introduce topics like innovation, intuition, ambiguity, uncertainty to explore the ways we travel through life. Our meetings with the group open dialogue about a wide range of subjects, fostering cultural, economic and social understanding.

We establish relationships with the local people, the group and the environment and explore what it means to belong and how it affects the decisions we make in our ordinary lives.
Our activities are dynamic, exploring what is happens when you interact with the land and sea, listen to yourself and others, and integrate the experiences that touch your heart and transform you.

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2.900,00 €


Day 1 - Welcome to La Tierruca

Arrival at Bilbao airport and transfer to Santander’s icon, Royal Hotel.
Introductions, sharing your cultural roots, connect to La Tierruca - the heritage of Cantabria and the life of it’s people. Tour of the palace, lighthouse and beachfront, and El Sardinero.

Day 2 - Discovering Roots

What can history teach you about your life today? Take a day trip to the heartland of Cantabria to walk in the shoes of Roman stonecutters, arm manufacturers, sea tradesman, farmers and cattle ranchers.
Taste local dishes with a well known family from the region and take time to reflect in the pastoral landscape.

Day 3 - Interior Trip

Morning discussion to hear reflections from the group. What are you noticing so far? What experiences have impacted you most? Nice and easy. Take time to relax or enjoy the afternoon to explore the port on your own or with others in the group. Soak in the energy and spirit of the Santanderinos culture.

Day 4 - Navigating the Depths

Sailing day! You learn to navigate the sea and hear tales from a local sailor/author about life on the sea and the history of the Cantabrian coastline. Lunch is served on the boat and there is time to reflect and write as we return to port.

Day 5 - An Encounter with Earth

Walking the Picos de Europa, you discover a part of El Camino de Santiago´s road and the Monastery of Lebaniegan. We trace the pilgrimage traditions and connect to the majestic power of nature.

Day 6 - Finding Our Nature

Visit a nature park close to Santander and engage with the group about our own nature. Discussion about how to incorporate what you have learned into your daily life. This is a day of integration and appreciation for the gift of travel and seeing with new eyes. Evening celebration and party with new friends.

Day 7 - Returning Home

Morning check-out and transfers to Bilbao airport.


With accommodations and most meals included. Based on double occupancy and a few meals will be enjoyed on your own or with new friends.